Chairman’s Desk:

The paths of success are crucial for the individual growth and development of the company. Under my patronage, AAKAR Construction is exploring the circle of real-estate.

I believes in simplicity, creativity and I also values innovative thoughts of others. I believe in team growth and support others to grow speedily and love to take part in social activities.


Structure consists of talented people who helped make Structure what it is today..


Mr. Zakir Hussain

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Zakir Hussain (Chairman & Managing Director):

He is the founder and promoter of the company. He is acclaimed visionary in the field of integrated infrastructure Development Sector. He has over 21 years of entrepreneurial experience in the execution of various projects. His vast and rich experience, consistent with provides strategic and operational excellence to the Company and a capability to drive innovation. He is pivotal in setting the group strategy for future expansions and maintaining corporate relations.


Mr. Sayyed Zubair Ahmed

Executive Director

Mr. Sayyed Zubair Ahmed (Executive Director):

Mr. Sayyed Zubair Ahmed is the Executive Director of the company. He did his B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) with Mathematics & Masters (MBA) in Operations Management. He worked at senior positions in various corporate sectors in the fieldwork of Construction, Trading, Exports, and Marketing. He is an integral part of AAKAR Construction. He holds more than 12 years of significant experience in the Real Estate Business and Trade and actively involved in the successful running of major infrastructural projects. His strategies to expand and explore AAKAR Construction are actively inherited with the overall development of client, company, and employees as a team.


Mr. Sayeed Ibrahim

General Manager

Mr. Sayeed Ibrahim (General Manager):

Mr. Sayeed Ibrahim holds the authority of the company as General Manager. He is mastered with the degree in Civil Engineering. He upholds his role as General Manager with true dedication, collaborations and loyal commitments in regard to his experience and education. He is mastered abilities and skills are leadership qualities that enhance a friendly relation with employees, team while managing day to day operations and projects of the company.



AAKAR CONSTRUCTION welcome you to its Investor relation section and extends its gratitude to all those who have shown an interest in properties in Mumbai, Maharashtra and other States. At AAKAR we have a very efficient team handling investor relations which endeavors to provide corporate information to all our stakeholders with transparency, accuracy and within a specific time frame.

Mr. Sayyed Zubair Ahmed

Executive Director