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AAKAR Construction - Journey at a Glance!

AAKAR Construction Developers and Civil Contractors is an ISO registered firm since 9001-2015. With many successful running years, AAKAR Constructions has been a known name in the sphere of various engineering contracts and constructional projects. Our constructional disciplines are dedicated to what they commit to our clients. We are also known for infrastructural and interior deals. AAKAR Constructions was established in the year 2009 by perfect execution under Zakir Hussain.

AAKAR Constructions more dedicated towards clients satisfaction, and look a step ahead for the growth of both clients and us respectively. Our focus is to deal with friendly relations with long-term growth dwelling on any sort of constructional projects. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, and with the long-running of the prosperous period, AAKAR Constructions has completed more than 25,00,000 Sq.Ft area in almost multiple discipline projects of constructions and engineering.

AAKAR Constructions is also actively engaged in Civil Constructional and Infrastructural activities. The company is quite concerned and attentive to comfort the client’s requirements. AAKAR Constructions is currently working with numerous constructive projections in the Public and Private sector. On the current account, AAKAR Constructions has raised its growth in the various cities in India such as Lucknow, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

With grossing more successful plans and goals, AAKAR Constructions targets the current market strategy in infrastructure that focuses on customers and employees health and safety at prior. We also target the optimize growth with the least affecting the environment while constructional projects. We are creators of energy efficient and eco-friendly structures that safeguard the natural surroundings as well.

Our Group of Companies: "Aakansha Constructions"

A Company known for multiple constructional projects and structures.

We under the partnership has swooped-up together with expertise team of engineers and supervisors who are perfectly experienced to hold the onsite inspection, supervision, implementation, and execution.

We with our group are refined not only with our infrastructural projects but also focus on the client’s needs. Our team of experts together trigger on quick-witty decision making to develop perfectly planned infrastructure. We are a step forward in achieving quality and quantity of constructive projects with planned execution.

Our craftsmanship together is well-advanced with updated gears of machinery, resources to meet the choices and need of customers in the era of modernization. Our employees, i.e., labors, staff, and vendors are periodically trained to enhance the constructional dwellings. Our timely learning’s help our employees for the technical upgrading of skills, motivates them to be more focused, disciplined, and dedicated for future current to future projects. We keep a regular check on documentation of the constructive project with timely monitoring on lists, reports, audits and other internal or external agencies.

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