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Types Of Construction Companies

Construction is understood as the technique or art of manufacturing buildings and infrastructures and also the work of rehabilitation and restoration. To carry out all that entails to this work, companies are required for their direction and coordination, through projects and planning; this is the work of the construction company.

The construction companies have the infrastructure and labor necessary to build any type or form of construction, no matter what kind of soil you have (that is, whether it is fine or thick, stony, humid, sandy, mixed, clayey or limestone when it is abundant in salts) besides the handling of construction materials such as cement, rods, partitions among others.

One of the activities that the construction company needs to perform is a study of the soil conditions to know what type of materials will be used to carry out the construction. Among the materials most used by construction companies are the following: wood, stainless steel, reinforced concrete, red brick, the most common gray partition, among others.

The tools that complement the use of these materials are scaffolding, ladders, drills, mixers, spatulas, among others. Before starting any construction, the company will first need to create a sketch that will be shown to whoever hires the services to receive their approval or make all the suitable changes for the work. When the construction project has been approved, the construction company will start with the workforce. Each construction plan handles a delivery time, taking into account the contingencies that may arise.

What Are The Types Of Construction?

The types of construction are:

  • Residential Construction

  • Commercial Construction

  • Industrial Construction

  • Development of public works

  • Institutional Constructions

The primary objective of a construction company will be to deliver their products or services according to the project that has been worked and what the established contract marks. In addition to taking care of the safety of its workers and the people involved in the work.

The primary goal of the construction companies is to offer their services in accordance with the stipulations of a project and its respective contract. Although in the course of the activities, variations may occur, but these must be minimal, based, agreed upon and accepted by the company and the client.

The operations to be executed in work must have been explained in detail during the phases prior to the service: project definition and design.

What Are The Parts Of A Construction Company?

The part of the administration of a construction company involved three crucial functions: finance, operations, and marketing.

1. Finance: It is responsible for organizing the budgets for the collection of the project that is made, for paying all the personnel that collaborates.

2. Operations: Carry out the planning and logistics to carry out the plan that is being carried out and reach a successful conclusion.

3. Marketing: The construction company must know the market and its sectors to which it will be directed, in order to market its services.

Main Activities Of The Construction Company:

Among the main activities that a construction company has are:

  1. Contact with the client

  2. Coordinate the uniformity of the necessary inputs for construction

  3. Project supervision

  4. The measurement of productivity.


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